I was born in 1987 in Austria. Though I showed an early interest in painting, pursuing a career in art (or any other creative field for that matter) was not something that my family pushed me to do.

So it was later in my life that I rediscovered this creative side of myself again. In 2016, shortly before turning 30, I decided that I will put some serious effort into learning to paint the pictures I wanted to be able to paint.

By studying many books on art and the process of painting and by watching lots of very helpful demonstrations and instructions online, I was able to progress with my painting. But obviously this is a journey that is never going to end.

My particular interest is the effect of light, harmonic color schemes, interesting but not overly imposing brushwork and interesting compositions.

The subjects I am currently mainly interested in are figurative and floral works, but generally there are no limits to what can make an interesting painting. In the end it’s all colours, values and shapes!